Your business operation faces a growing number of risks from an array of sources. Issues of corporate governance and duty of care increase the pressure on your business at home and add to the difficulties of working in hostile and difficult regions of the world.

Pilgrims-RMG is a security, risk management and service support company that identifies and manages risks. Our expertise allows your business to operate and develop, unhindered and unrestricted.

Our people are carefully selected from a wide range of specialist backgrounds. Our procedures, advice and systems are developed from a comprehensive experience and knowledge base. Our level of accreditation is second-to-none in the industry: we were one of the first companies to fully implement the SIA regulation throughout our business and we have achieved multiple, consecutive zero audits for ISO9001.

Pilgrims-RMG has a proven track record of delivering meticulous and bespoke solutions backed by a commitment to the highest levels of quality, service and client care. Our expertise gives us the insight to look beyond the immediate brief to the wider implications. This enables us to deliver robust, practical and cost-effective solutions to any scale.

We will be there, whenever and wherever you need us. We will respond quickly and effectively, with the maximum of effort and the minimum of fuss.

What makes us different is that we deliver.

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